About Us

Linkan is a China-based specialist sourcing firm that is dedicated to serving as a direct “link” between Western manufacturers and the best qualified Chinese factories.

Combining years of experience in sourcing raw materials, components and finished products for glass industries, we have built a track record of always creating value for our clients by achieving cost savings, while ensuring quality and on-time delivery. We act as our clients’ virtual sourcing office in China, saving them valuable time, costs, and resources. We are proud to be regarded as a reliable and trustworthy long-term partner.

What We Do

The core business of Linkan has always been in providing China sourcing services to our partner clients around the globe. Specializing in building materials, we are dedicated to servicing our clients, who are quality-minded manufacturers, dealers and importers by providing the most effective sourcing solutions.

We started with showering and bathrooms products, and they are still our specialty. We work with numerous industry players, large and small, international and national, across various continents. One thing they have in common is they value our expertise, enjoying the peace of mind of using our services, and regard us as their long-term partners. We are known to our clients for first-class service standards, extensive product ranges, competitive pricing, and a flexible and yet reliable business approach.

Today we are expanding our business to new areas utilising resources built in the past. Our business may be evolving, but our commitment to excellence, integrity and adding value to our clients remains as strong as ever.

Who We Are

Linkan is founded and managed by a blend of Chinese & expatriate professionals who know China and understand how business should be done here. We also share the understanding of our Western clients’ needs, desires and challenges. This unique background has helped us in becoming a leader in our field and the most preferred business partner of our clients.