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Linkan is a specialised global sourcing firm first established in 2008. We have dedicated all of our years in servicing our clients, who are quality-minded manufacturers, distributors and importers, with the most effective sourcing solutions.

We started with sourcing items used in the manufacture of Shower Enclosures and other Bathroom Products, such as aluminium extrusions and tempered glass, and have since expanded our expertise to other areas such as float and processed glass, glass hardware and protective films. We work with numerous industry players, large and small, international and national, across various continents. One thing they have in common is they value our expertise, enjoying the peace of mind of using our services, and regard us as their long-term partners.


We are known to our clients for first-class service standards, a variety of product ranges, competitive pricing, and a flexible, yet reliable business approach.

Linkan stands out by striving to provide the most effective global sourcing solutions, which are built upon our extensive product and industry knowledge in a complex and ever-changing market.

Sourcing overseas is not easy and can often be disastrous, if not managed well. There are many tricks and hidden costs to be avoided. Successful sourcing takes a lot of time, resourcefulness and a focused and long term approach. Our job, as a specialist sourcing firm, is to make sure our clients can source with

Ease & Confidence.

Being passionate, dedicated, and responsible to fulfil and exceed our clients’ sourcing expectations has made us who we are today.

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